2017 Current Concepts in Sleep and Epilepsy

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Friday, September 1, 2017


Sleep Clinical Track

Our Dreams and Preventing Infant Death

Sleep Disorders Resulting From Traumatic Life Events

Sleep Disorders Resulting from Significant Medical Events

Sleep Technical Track

Acquiring and Analyzing the PSG

Sleep Management

  • CPAP Compliance Downloads – Nancy Collop, MD
  • Pediatric Sleep and Epilepsy – Bobbi Hopkins, MD – Not Available for Download.

Sleep Deprivation and Safety

Epilepsy Track

The Latest in Epilepsy Treatment

The Latest in Epilepsy Diagnosis

Monitoring in the Operating Room

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Sleep Clinical Track

Sleep and the Heart

Sleep-Medications and Light

The Roadblocks to Lungs

  • Objectively Measuring Sleepiness – Daniel Schwartz, MD
  • The Link Between Airway, Bruxism and TMD/AASM Oral Appliance Update – Tara Griffin, DDS – Not Available for Download.

Epilepsy Technical Track

CTLM Prep and Skin Prep

  • CTLM Board Prep – Rebecca Clark, REEG – Not Available for Download.
  • Skin Injury Associated with cEEG Monitoring- John M. Crawford, REEG, RPSGST – Not Available for Download.

Isolette to Bassinet

Diagnostic Testing for Epilepsy

Epilepsy Clinical Track

Recreational Drugs and Pharmaceuticals with Epilepsy

  • Medical Marijuana – Sagarika Nallu, MD
  • Update on Pharmacological Treatments in Epilepsy in Children – Jose Ferreria, MD – Not Available for Download.

The Psychological Side of Epilepsy