For high school students who have an interest in the medical sciences or healthcare field, USF Health provides a hands-on training experience for what it’s like to be in medical school.


In Spring 2020, USF Health’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning & Simulation (CAMLS) is offering up to 20 high  school  juniors  and seniors a unique hands-on experience to go “behind-the-scenes” at a virtual patient care and surgery training center. The students will learn what it is like to train in the same environment as medical school students and engage in the same medical equipment demonstrations and realistic hands-on simulation activities.  Students are immersed in a variety of simulated healthcare training experiences such as a 3-D anatomy analysis, laparoscopic skills, and high fidelity simulation.


This program teaches students the following skills, using hands-on tools and demonstrations:

How to identify basic anatomy on a virtual patient using the Anatomage Table.
The Anatomage Table offers a three-dimensional experience for Anatomy Education. The presentation includes a 3-D picture of the human body and immediate dissection to explore the musculoskeletal system and human organs. This is the same type of equipment currently utilized in the training of radiologists, nurses, surgeons, veterinarians, forensic sciences, and medical schools nationwide.

How to demonstrate laparoscopic skills with the same equipment used by surgical residents and practicing physicians.
Residents and physicians often practice and improve their technical skills to enhance the quality of patient care. Students will practice the eye-hand coordination skills required during laparoscopic minimally invasive surgical procedures.

How to use High Fidelity  Simulators   (HFS)   to   recognize   vital   signs   and   practice   basic  life  support.
The HFS provides a realistic experience by mimicking actual patient response such as breathing and eye movement. Students will be able to locate pulses, listen to lung and heart sounds, and observe physiological responses.


  • Demonstration in basic anatomy, laproscopic skills and basic life support
  • $2,500 for up to 20 of your students (from a single high school)
  • Two parking spots included for bus, van or vehicle
  • 2-hour program rotates groups through each lesson; all learners cover all lessons

For booking or more information:

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