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Last Updated: May 3, 2021

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As you prepare your programs, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for providing effective educational programs during COVID-19. Guided by healthcare experts in infection prevention, the USF Health CAMLS team is redefining our meeting and simulation practices to provide you with the best experience possible. We will actively monitor and evolve our solutions to ensure a continued focus on the health and safety of our learners and associates. We invite you to return to this Website for continual updates on how we are progressing and how this will impact your future events at CAMLS.


Haru Okuda, MD
Executive Director, USF Health CAMLS

Communicable Disease Advisory Committee

Guiding all decisions at USF Health CAMLS will be a dedicated committee of healthcare professionals to ensure that programming meets current best practices as well as CDC, Florida Department of Public Health, local and state guidelines and regulations. Members of the committee include:

  • Luis Llerena, MD, FACS, CHSE: Medical Director, USF Health CAMLS
  • Todd Wills, MD, FACP: Infectious Disease Physician and Director, USF Health Office of Continuing Professional Development
  • Terri Ashmeade, MD: Chief Quality Officer and Associate Dean of Continuing Professional Development, USF Health
  • Phillip Wortham, MBA, BA, CHSOS: Director of Operations and Technology, USF Health CAMLS
  • Haru Okuda MD, FACEP, FSSH: Executive Director, USF Health CAMLS
  • Joe Jackson, MBA: Assistant Vice President, Operations & Facilities Management, USF Health

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Social Distancing and Conference Planning Standards

USF Health CAMLS has developed new safety procedures for entering and exiting the building, as well as new guidelines for gatherings in meeting rooms, bioskills and simulation spaces to ensure appropriate social distancing is adhered to by groups. Your CAMLS coordinator will work with you to accommodate your individual group’s arrival and certifies that all conference and educational spaces meet the guidelines required by the Communicable Disease Advisory Committee.

Please review these steps in preparation for your arrival to USF Health CAMLS:

      1. Please arrive early for your program to ensure that the sign in process is quick and smooth.  Your assigned coordinator will work with you on determining when your participants should expect to arrive.
      2. Participants, faculty and staff are required to wear a mask in the building at all times. Each participant should bring their own masks.
      3. Everyone will be screened using a no touch infrared thermometer.
      4. Everyone will be screened using a set of CDC guidelines questions.
        It is possible that state and local government may put in place travel restrictions, stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders, or mandated quarantines upon arrival.  Although no restrictions may exist at the time you plan your travel, it is always possible that restrictions may be in place when you arrive.  
      5. USF Health CAMLS has QR code based online sign in forms.  Each participant should be prepared to use their personal devices to sign in.  A tablet will be available for sign in for those individuals whose own device is unable to read a QR code.

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Video Technology Options

USF Health CAMLS is committed to ensuring the success of your conference or event by offering a variety of streaming and virtual options to help facilitate participation on-site or in remote locations. Our experts in instructional design and digital technologies can assist your team in meeting your objectives and identifying the best method for reaching your audience.

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Disinfectant Efforts

USF Health CAMLS will go above and beyond from what is already done to keep your learners and our team members healthy and safe.

  • Public Spaces: USF Health CAMLS will be servicing the public spaces and high touch areas with recommended cleaning supplies and have increased frequency by housekeeping staff.
  • Hand Sanitizers: Throughout USF Heath CAMLS are hand sanitizers for use by learners and team members. These dispensers are located near entrances, bathrooms and other high traffic areas.
  • Meeting, Bioskills and Simulation Spaces: An elevated level of sanitation will include a rigorous use of hospital-grade disinfectants when cleaning surfaces, floors and high-touch areas.

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CAMLS Community and Team Member Health

USF Health CAMLS is dedicated to the safety and health of our community and team members. Working together with infectious disease professionals, USF Health CAMLS continues to provide quality education opportunities and training to healthcare professionals and the community.

USF Health CAMLS team members are easily distinguishable and here to help.  To identify a USF Health CAMLS team member, look for the following:

  • They will be wearing their USF face masks.
  • Their nametags will be proudly displayed.
  • They will be displaying their USF employee ID.

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CBK Catering & Events

CBK Catering & Events is the exclusive catering service at USF Health CAMLS. CBK has taken additional steps to ensure a safe work environment and are in compliance with all local, state, and federal guidelines. These include:

  • Strict sanitation and food safety practices including gloves and masks in all kitchens.
  • Deep cleaning and ongoing enhanced disinfection of all kitchens and dining surfaces at USF Health CAMLS.
  • Strict adherence to enhanced handwashing guidelines.
  • Symptom and health screening of all employees.
  • Regular monitoring of cleaning through sanitation logs.
    • New menu options and meal service protocols to reduce contact.

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USF Health CAMLS Partners, Hilton Tampa Downtown and Tampa International Airport, have created protocols to keep your travelers safe. Learn more by visiting the links below:

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Support USF Health CAMLS

USF Health CAMLS has been training healthcare providers on the proper care of COVID-19 patients. Through the development of simulation programs, USF Health CAMLS has provided Just in time training giving nurses and physicians the increased confidence and competence that comes with the challenges of delivering care in a safe and effective manner.

USF Health CAMLS can continue to offer this care with support from the community. Learn how you can help USF Health CAMLS continue its mission to create and provide experiential learning that improves clinical skills and patient care in our community and around the globe. Click here to give today!

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Helpful Resources

USF Health CAMLS has prepared flyers and other useful resources.  Please feel free to distribute, print and share any of the resources found in this section.

USF Health CAMLS Assurance Flyer

USF Health CAMLS Post COVID-19 Safe Reopening – FAQ Sheet

USF Health CAMLS Assurance Webpage – Spanish

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