Tech innovation: how to turn your idea into a marketable medical device

Contemporary OBGYN October 1, 2015 -­‐

Physicians provide knowledge, technical expertise, and clinical experience to invent and innovate medical devices. The importance of the physician’s contribution to this process, although long implicitly understood within the medical community, was recently objectively demonstrated in a study that showed that physicians participated in approximately 20% of the 26,000 medical device patents filed in the United States from 1990 to 1996.

Ob/gyns are especially well positioned to identify clinical problems representing unmet medical device needs because they treat a variety of medical and surgical patients. It is not uncommon for ob/gyns to experience many “eureka moments” during their careers, when they feel that they have just come up with the next multimillion-dollar invention. Many physicians do not realize that the path to commercialization of a medical device is oftentimes arduous and expensive, and requires knowledge of business, law, engineering, and regulations.

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Florida moves to keep more medical residents in state, but thousands more are needed by 2025


Tampa, FL – October 18, 2015 -­‐

She walks around the burn center at Tampa General Hospital with the confidence of a veteran physician, her long blonde hair tucked into a pink polka-dot surgical cap.

“How is everything?” she asks a patient recovering from burns to her right arm and shoulder. “Do you mind if I take a peek?”

But Dr. Alicia Billington isn’t fully seasoned — not yet, anyway.

She’s among the expanding ranks of resident trainees at Tampa General. The hospital grew its program by 5 percent this year, and plans to continue on that trajectory in the future.

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‘Scope of Practice,’ Telemedicine Hot Topics At Tampa Symposium


Tampa, FL – October 14, 2015 -­‐

Health care providers around Florida are continuing a push for laws that would expand the roles of nurse practitioners and physicians assistants.

Florida policy leaders, educators and health care providers gathered for a symposium hosted by Gunster law firm at the University of South Florida’s Center of Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation in Tampa on Tuesday to discuss expanding access to health care.

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All-star cast planned for upcoming CAMLS healthcare symposium


Tampa, FL – October 9, 2015 -­‐

The Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation in downtown Tampa is partnering with the Gunster law firm to host a healthcare symposium looking at expanding health care in Florida.

The October 13 event will run from 1 p.m. until 5:45 p,m. with a cocktail reception afterward.

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