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Simulation-Based Courses

CAMLS offers a myriad of nationally recognized courses and courses developed at CAMLS through the USF Health Continuing Professional Development department housed at CAMLS. Courses are offered throughout the year. Courses are geared toward a wide variety of specialties and are for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Review the list of courses offered and click each course title to read a description of what the course offers.

Airway Management for Dentists
Difficult airway is the leading issue in dental patient safety when anesthesia is used; it is a critical part of sedation training. Click here for more information.
Introduction to Hybrid Endovascular OR
Teaches endovascular practitioners how to make the transition from portable to fixed imaging, how to use the Hybrid OR effectively, and how to work as a team.
Ischemic Stroke Door to Needle
This program focuses on early recognition of symptoms and appropriate initial treatment (e.g. tPA initiation) of stroke patients to improve patient outcomes. The course incorporates simulation scenarios that allow participants to apply the guidelines to patient care scenarios in a team-based environment, improving team communication.
Obstetrical Simulation Course: Emergencies and Catastrophes
This curriculum incorporates didactic presentations and hands-on team training in postpartum hemorrhage, eclamptic seizure/magnesium toxicity, and maternal code. Additionally, the course includes didactic and hands-on training on five task training stations, i.e. operative vaginal delivery, Bakri balloon, breaking bad news to a patient and the documentation of a shoulder dystocia delivery note.
Radial Artery Access for Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiac Catheterization
This activity offers an advanced  educational opportunity for diagnostic and interventional cardiologists, cardiology residents and fellows using the techniques of transradial catheterization.  Through lecture and simulated scenarios, the course is a comprehensive study on the benefits of transradial catheterization for both medical professionals and their patients.  Participants will explore the latest equipment options and potential complications using simulated cases. 
Rhinolaryngoscopy Simulation Training
Hands-on training using standardized patients and simulation sessions on performing a rhinolaryngoscopy, preparing the physician to perform the procedure in their own practice and/or teach the procedure at their own training program. 
medical simulation courses