Technology and Innovation

The Innovation Center located inside CAMLS uniquely positions it to offer the complete portfolio of sophisticated engineering and clinical services that medical device companies and faculty require to facilitate efficient development and commercialization of new products designed to improve patient outcomes. Able to offer services which include pre-clinical testing, the CAMLS team can also recruit healthcare professionals and provide clients access to clinical and home use environments for ethnographic studies.

Clients are able to enter the device design cycle at any stage or complete the entire cycle from concept to FDA submission, in one place, under one roof.

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Timelines in our industry are critical. CAMLS makes available equipment and services that permit new products to be tested and modified within days or weeks rather than months. It allows our small firm to compete successfully by permitting us access to resources normally only available in larger firms.
-Geary Havran, President and Chairman of the Board, NDH Medical, Inc.; Chair, Florida Medical Manufacturers’ Consortium, Inc.