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The premier medical design event—the IDSA Medical Design Conference—takes over the state-of-the-art Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) in Tampa, FL from Oct. 21-22, 2015.

A pre-conference, Experiential Symposium (additional registration required) is scheduled on Oct. 20 with a hands-on experiential tissue lab experience and a contextual usability study on robotic-assisted surgery; along with contextual inquiry workshops on emergency room conditions and interventional cardiology.

“Join the robust debate, experiential workshops and labs with the opportunity to play surgeon. Industrial design has increasing influence over medical design, and to open the opinion from design for usability—to design for delight,” says Conference Chair Mary Beth Privitera, IDSA. “This is an exclusive opportunity to exchange ideas, methods and practices in medical design.”

“CAMLS and the Innovation Center are thrilled to welcome back the 2015 IDSA Medical Design Conference for a second year in a row,” said Mark Moyer, Administrative Director CAMLS Innovation Center.  “IDSA’s prestigious conference brings the top industrial designers from around the world to Tampa, Fla. to experience the best-in-class, totally immersive program in all phases of the medical device development life cycle that CAMLS’ state-of-the-art capabilities make possible; from ideation & prototyping to high-fidelity usability testing & regulatory expertise. It’s a privilege to be a part of it.”

A keynote is set with Stanford University School of Medicine’s Lawrence Chu, MD, an associate professor in anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine, who takes a special interest in emerging technologies in medicine.

See more on the latest schedule.

Other speakers and/or panelists scheduled so far for The Usability Ecosystem 2.0 include some of the biggest names in medical design and related fields:

  • Tor Alden, IDSA, HS Design Inc.
  • John Anastasiadis, IDSA, Johnson & Johnson Global Surgery Group
  • Austen Angell, FIDSA, IDSA Board of Directors Chair Emeritus, Modern Edge
  • Christopher Carani, Esq., McAndrews, Held & Malloy, Ltd.
  • Bill Evans, Bridge Design
  • Brad Fain, PhD, Georgia Tech
  • Edith Maverick Folger, Boston Scientific
  • Sean Hägen, IDSA Board of Directors Section VP, BlackHägen Design
  • Dustin Headley, Kansas State University
  • Stephen Hopkins, IDSA, Shield Casework
  • Scott Kaiser, MD
  • Stuart Karten, IDSA, and Karen Radewald, Karten Design
  • Cory Kimball, IDSA, and Omar Vakharia, IDSA, Ethicon
  • James Rudolph, IDSA, Scott Woodruff and Cheryl Kwinn, Farm
  • Stephen Nelson, IDSA, Medtronic
  • Aidan Petrie, IDSA, Ximedica
  • Bob Schwartz, FIDSA, GE Healthcare
  • Bryce Rutter, PhD, IDSA, Metaphase Design Group (IDSA Ambassador)
  • Joseph Pepé Velasquez, Mediphor Design
  • Kevin Young, IDSA, Continuum

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Returning to CAMLS this year is Stephen Wilcox, PhD, FIDSA, principal at Design Science. “The conference is a great opportunity for designers working in the healthcare arena to share experiences and brush up on the latest developments. The CAMLS venue, with its simulated medical facilities, provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate new techniques and technologies. It also draws other professionals such as physicians, engineers and human factors experts, who contribute to the learning environment.”

2015 IDSA Medical Design Conference topics include: 3D Modeling of CT Scans; Advances in Surgical Simulation; Visual Tools to Drive Usability; Protecting Medical Designs with Intellectual Property; Digital Fabrication; Serving the Silver Tsunami and much more.

Sponsors include: Johnson & Johnson, Farm, Agora Edge, Keyshot by Luxion, BlackHägen Design, Ximedica and GCX. More opportunities are available. Contact

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