Product Design Services

CAMLS Innovation Center is uniquely equipped to conceptualize, build, validate, test, and train practitioners at any stage of the medical device life cycle. The Center provides design solutions to complex projects by providing full-service design capabilities. The staff provides hardware engineering, software design, electronics development and fabrication services. From on-site engineering and 3D modeling services to rigorous clinical testing and investigations, the team offers the perfect environment and skills to tackle the most challenging and complex stages of device development and deployment.

CAMLS Innovation Center makes it possible to get your product to market faster by providing services specifically designed for the complexities of the medical device industry including:

Voice of the Customer (VOC) Deployment
Product Development – Electro/Mech Fabrication
Concept & Feasibility Demonstration
Design Verification & Validation
Design Planning
Regulatory/Compliance Services
Requirements Construction
Design Transfer
Product Modeling & Prototyping
Project Management


For medical device manufactures innovating new products, a critical step in the process is design validation. The unique studies, both simulated and actual use, provided by CAMLS, are invaluable to the validation process.”

Brian Mayte, CEO
Regulatory Compliance Associates, Inc.

Product Evaluation Services

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