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Improving Healthcare Through Lifelong Education and Training 

CAMLS exists to create and provide immersive experiential learning that improves clinical skills and patient care for healthcare professionals in our downtown Tampa community and around the globe.

Explore Educational Training

Learn the skills required for safe clinical practice and improved patient care.

CAMLS A medical professional dressed in blue scrubs and a face mask is performing a procedure on a patient lying on an operating table. The medical professional is holding a medical instrument, with multiple medical devices and monitors around the room.

Plan Your Experience

Experiential learning for the next generation of professional health leaders.

CAMLS A man in a suit stands in the foreground, looking into a bright room where a group of medical professionals in scrubs and lab coats are gathered. The room is equipped with medical equipment and monitors, suggesting a hospital or medical facility setting.

Get Immersed in Innovation

Take a tour of CAMLS’s state-of-the-art facilities and experience firsthand our cutting-edge simulation technology.¬†

Partnering With the Leaders in Healthcare Innovation

We believe in the power of collaboration to drive meaningful change. That’s why we partner with leading healthcare institutions and experts around the world to develop and deliver transformative educational experiences.