Plan Your Experience

Experience Next-Level

Imagine 90,000 square feet of the most state-of-the-art space, entirely dedicated to delivering immersive, experiential learning for the next generation of professional health leaders. With CAMLS, you can leave the planning and logistics to us. Our dedicated team offers holistic planning and management, ensuring your event runs smoothly from start to finish and exceeds your expectations.


Plan Your Training or Educational Courses

CAMLS provides a deeply experiential training encounter that mirrors reality

CAMLS A group of medical professionals stand around a hospital bed with a medical mannequin lying on it. A person is teaching from a screen displaying educational content. They are in a clinical setting, likely engaged in a training or simulation session.

Plan Your Corporate Meeting or Conference

CAMLS is the ideal venue for retreats, meetings and events

CAMLS A large group of people seated in a modern lecture hall listen to a speaker at the front. A presentation titled “PCE 2023 Workshop” is projected on a screen. The room features curved rows of desks, recessed lighting, and wood paneling on the ceiling.

Plan Your Research Study

CAMLS provides clinical-grade settings ideal for hospital and exam studies.

CAMLS A man wearing a suit and virtual reality headset uses VR controllers at a tech exhibition. Behind him, a large screen displays digital human anatomy images. An anatomical model with transparent layers is visible on a display board to the left.

Plan Your Film Production

CAMLS features realistic clinical and surgical environments to support your vision

CAMLS A busy film crew is shooting a scene in a brightly-lit room filled with medical equipment, with multiple cameras and lighting rigs in use. Crew members are seen operating equipment, monitoring screens, and discussing the shot.

CAMLS Without Walls

The CAMLS Without Walls (CWW) program brings critically needed training programs out into the community, offering adaptable, real-world simulation training for healthcare practitioners and teams in diverse, underserved clinical environments. 

CAMLS Headquarters in Downtown Tampa

Situated right in downtown Tampa, the CAMLS’ state-of-the-art offices seamlessly blends classroom and simulation-based learning opportunities under one roof. This sprawling 90,000-square-foot center can cater to all forms of simulation-based healthcare education for any medical professional, specialist, or team.

USF Health CAMLS Consultation Tours

Allow the experts at USF Health CAMLS to guide you through the development process of your organization’s healthcare simulation center. With years of experience in the development, operation and monetization of healthcare simulation, the team at USF Health CAMLS will provide insight and guidance found nowhere else.