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Allow the experts at USF Health CAMLS to guide you through the development process of your organization’s healthcare simulation center. With years of experience in the development, operation and monetization of healthcare simulation, the team at USF Health CAMLS will provide insight and guidance found nowhere else.

Consultation Tour Overview

Each consultation tour will last three hours. The consultation tour is designed to provide insight into the areas outlined below. Two of the categories below may be selected and will be covered during the three-hour visit*.

Consultation Tour Agenda

  • Welcome and introductions: During this time, we will ask that your team share where you are in the process of your simulation center’s development. A review of the pre-consultation tour paperwork will also be discussed. A quick overview of USF Health CAMLS will be provided.
  • Facility Tour: The tour of USF Health CAMLS will include a look at all simulation, bioskills and meeting spaces. Visits to other areas of the center can be included based on the details provided on the pre-consultation tour paperwork.
  • Review and Q&A: Your team will have ample time with the USF Health CAMLS experts leading their respected areas to hear about insight into industry best practices as well as pitfalls.

Tour and Discussion Categories for Selection (Choose Two):

  • General Overview*: Allow the experts of USF Health CAMLS to offer a general overview of the business of healthcare simulation. This choice is reserved specifically for organizations at the beginning stages of the planning process. Those who select this category have no prior knowledge of any of the categories below and have not begun their project. Those who select this category are seeking insight to understand if they should pursue the development of a healthcare simulation center. This category will provide a general overview of all the other categories and will serve as the only choice for organizations at this stage of their planning.
  • Simulation Leadership: Selecting the right leadership to operate your healthcare simulation center is vital to success. This category would cover how to manage a simulation center, staff recruitment, selecting programs to offer, budgeting and finance, and business development efforts.
  • Simulation Center Operations: In this segment, we will explore strategies for developing a comprehensive plan aimed at maximizing the efficiency of your simulation center. The discussion topics will be tailored to address specific pre-consultation requests, encompassing areas such as data and metrics analysis, policy and procedure development, program budgeting, staff onboarding procedures, accreditation objectives, and program scheduling. Our focus is on providing personalized insights and suggestions to optimize your resources, leverage technology effectively, enhance personnel performance, and streamline facility operations.
  • Training and Educational Programs: This category will cover how to develop curriculum and operate programs. This category will also review how to maintain equipment, keep the simulation center current and the hiring of simulation staff.
  • Business Development: Developing a simulation center into a revenue generator will be covered in this category. An overview of how to monetize a simulation center to an outside customer base, What types of customers to consider, how to manage the clients and what is needed to service clients when they utilize the center will be discussed.

* The General Overview selection is reserved specifically to those who are at the very beginning stages of planning a simulation center and will be the only choice available

Consultation Tour Fee: $3,000

Pre-Tour Consultation Paperwork

Please complete the document below providing as much detail as possible. The information you provide will help us maximize your visit.

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