Volunteer Program

Become a CAMLS Volunteer!

Volunteers are an important resource for the USF Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS). Volunteers contribute to the success of our programs by enhancing the customer service experience and helping CAMLS achieve strategic goals. These contributions are critical to fulfilling the CAMLS Mission and Vision.

Here are examples of some areas where you might help as a volunteer:

– Assist with Manikin Spa Day/cleaning simulation equipment
– Create and laminate signs
– Distribute surveys and evaluations
– Linen and scrubs distribution
– Locker and name badge assignments
– Luggage captain
– MCOM/CAMLS escort
– Scan/copy documents
– Wayfinding and greeter


USF Volunteer Guidelines and Florida Statutes contain important information for individuals interested in volunteering. Please take the time to carefully review the guidelines as these have been updated to provide specific information such as: definition of a volunteer, restrictions on use of volunteers, applicability of State Law, responsibilities of the department and volunteer, volunteer benefits, termination of volunteer services, and record keeping requirements.

If you are interested in more information about volunteering at CAMLS, please contact us:

Randy McCune                                                        Denise Magid
Volunteer Coordinator                                             HR Administrator
randymccune@usf.edu                                           denisemagid@usf.edu