CAMLS Without Walls

The CAMLS Without Walls (CWW) program brings critically-needed training programs out into the community, offering adaptable, real-world simulation training for healthcare practitioners and teams in diverse, underserved clinical environments.

CAMLS Without Walls (CWW) program provides In-situ simulation training to accommodate the needs of busy healthcare trainees and professionals. In-situ simulation is a team-based training technique conducted in the clinical work environment and involves the actual members of the healthcare team using the clinical equipment and resources from that unit. The goal of the experience is to make the simulation as close to reality as possible. The CAMLS Without Walls (CWW) brings equipment, simulation-based curricula, simulation operators and subject matter experts to the front lines. Based on the needs of the hospital or clinical site, the CWW teams transports high fidelity manikins, task trainers, medical and other simulation equipment, and consumables to a remote hospital, and can set up a small simulation lab within a conference room within a couple of hours, for training. Upon completion of the training, the CWW team can rapidly pack up and move to a new location to support training. The CAMLS’ team has the flexibility to stand up simulation capabilities in actual clinical spaces, like an intensive care unit, a large conference room in a hospital, a paramedic education building, to a hotel room.

This program is particularly beneficial for teams in rural areas, focusing on high-risk procedures, such as difficult obstetrical deliveries and emergency medical management. This focused training can significantly enhance health professionals’ ability to provide timely and effective clinical care, potentially saving lives in remote areas where access to healthcare resources is limited. CWW’s commitment to underserved communities is exemplified by its training services within a 300-mile radius of Tampa, Florida, addressing the training needs of rural healthcare workers without the burden of travel.

To schedule a CWW program in your community, contact the CAMLS Business Development Team.