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The University of South Florida Center for Advanced Medical Learning & Simulation (CAMLS) is a world-class, one-of-a-kind facility dedicated to simulation-based healthcare education, training, and the development of innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes and reduce preventable medical errors. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Tampa, FL, the design of the CAMLS facility enables the easy integration of classroom and simulation-based learning opportunities under one roof. The Center encompasses 3 floors over 90,000 square feet of space that can accommodate all forms of simulation-based healthcare education for any healthcare practitioner, specialist or team.

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The high-tech learning environment at CAMLS is unique. Our flexible approach allows clients to utilize the vast network of subject matter experts within the University of South Florida Health or bring their own instructors. Furthermore, CAMLS permits clients to bring their own instruments and equipment necessary for the program or it can be obtained by the Center.

CAMLS is dedicated to education, research, and innovation and consulting.


“CAMLS is a one-of-a-kind facility providing the world with a gateway into the exploding medical technology capabilities of the University of South Florida and its partners and the opportunities for high-tech expansion in Florida. CAMLS will be the example of positive economic impact for decades to come”
-Rhea F.. Law | CEO & Chair of the Board, Fowler White Boggs P.A.
Past Chair, Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corp.


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