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Simulation Center

Located on the third floor, CAMLS Virtual Patient Care Center (VPCC) features five hospital-grade patient rooms and six clinical exam rooms designed for all healthcare professionals to learn new skills in a safe, supportive, and realistic clinical environment. Using simulation-based scenarios and evidence-based, best practice, learners work as individuals and care teams to practice applying their cognitive knowledge to specific situations requiring critical judgment and quick assessment under stress to successfully demonstrate hands-on proficiency. Like the rest of the CAMLS world-class facility, the layout of rooms and the training spaces in the VPCC can be customized to accommodate clients’ needs.

The VPCC provides healthcare teams and individuals with a wide range of simulation technology; 38 high-fidelity adult, child and infant simulators, including combat casualty and birthing. Multiple high fidelity and virtual reality simulators enable the honing of specific surgical skills including endoscopic, laparoscopic and interventional vascular, urologic, and gynecologic procedures. In addition, CAMLS has access to more than 250 highly-experienced “standardized patients” (SPs).

Training rooms feature video-recording with large monitors for real-time feedback and discussion and post-scenario debriefing.

CAMLS is accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) and is the provider of 15 additional nationally and internationally recognized CME and CE programs through the USF Health Continuing Professional Development team housed at CAMLS.

The Center was also designated the first “Center of Excellence in Education” by the American College of Cardiology.

Focused on key patient safety metrics and outcomes, CAMLS is a leader in simulation-based curriculum design and customizes its programs to the specific procedures and protocols of the client hospital or healthcare system. This includes incorporating into the actual simulations the clients’ brand of equipment being used in the everyday delivery of care. Pre- and post-assessment of all learners is standard and performance reports are customized for each client. CAMLS observes the most rigorous standards of learner confidentiality to ensure privacy and a risk-free environment.


Features of The Simulation Center:

  • 5 inpatient, team-training rooms with hospital-grade headboards
  • 6 physician, office exam rooms, equipped for in-office procedures
  • 8 individual training rooms
  • Virtual inpatient and retail pharmacies
  • 3 private, debriefing rooms
  • The Anatomage Table(T) for life-size, 3-D, digital study of anatomy