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Surgical Skills Lab

Located on the first floor, CAMLS 30,000-square-foot Surgical Skills Lab features leading-edge, clinical-grade technology that in combination with hands-on training provides a realistic and totally immersive environment. As one of the largest surgical theaters in the world, CAMLS offers 41 fully equipped surgical stations, including all the power, gases and suction for any specialty. Clients from across all specialties including dental have numerous lab and room configuration options. The instrumentation and technology is mirrored throughout the Surgical Skills Lab that features a 21-station skills lab, two 7-station labs that can be combined into 14 total stations, a trauma OR, and a 4-station microsurgery suite that can also be converted to add 2 additional surgical skills stations. Each skills station is fully boomed, complete with patient-grade anesthesia capabilities, laparoscopic high definition towers, and proctor skills stations from which procedural demonstration and instruction can be broadcast.  Four C-Arms are also available. The Surgical Skills Lab features on-site availability of animate and inanimate tissue models, includes an accredited vivarium and tissue bank, and has a washer and sterilization facility located within the lab.

In addition, there are classrooms conveniently located within the area, which provide “live” video feeds from the ORs internally or globally for debriefing and post-assessment for learners.

This unique surgical training center is scalable, can be customized to meet a client’s needs and is an American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institute (ACS-AEI).


Features of Surgical Skills Lab:


Surgical Skills Labs

  • One, 21-station surgical skills lab
  • Two, 7-station labs, which can be combined into 14 stations
  • One, 4-station microsurgery lab
  • Each station is fully boomed with complete patient-grade anesthesia, operating, and instrumentation capability for all specialties
  • All stations are supported by an on-site tissue bank, accredited vivarium, washer and sterilizer
  • 11 operating microscopes
  • Laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment



  • 4 C-arm fluoroscopes
  • 2 ultrasound machines

Complete operating rooms

  • Trauma operating room
    • Ability to change room conditions in sights, sound, and temperature to create different operating environments
  • Privacy glass
  • AV capabilities at 5 master stations
  • “Live” lab and classroom AV connectivity
  • Two classrooms, seating 36 and 18 (flexible classroom setup), and one conference room, seating 10 (board room style)