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Our Partners

Join the List of Esteemed Partners at USF Health CAMLS!

Hosting a program at CAMLS places your event among the leaders in various fields who have chosen our world-class facility. Partner with us and join a distinguished group committed to excellence.

Healthcare Partners

A diverse array of leading healthcare associations, societies, and systems have selected CAMLS to host their programs. Our unmatched clinical settings ensure immersive and realistic simulations, ultimately aiming for better patient outcomes.

Education Partners

As part of the University of South Florida and USF Health, CAMLS collaborates with both internal and external organizations to advance the academic mission of the university. Partner with us to foster educational excellence.

Community Partners

Supporting our local community is a core value at CAMLS. By working together, we aim to improve the Tampa Bay area. Partner with us to contribute to our shared goal of community enhancement.

Government Partners

CAMLS has a proven track record of supporting the missions of various government agencies and departments. These partnerships are crucial in advancing our mission and supporting the essential roles of these organizations.