Business Development and Coordinator Team

The business development and coordinator team at CAMLS is a group of dedicated professionals ready to work with you to ensure that your program is a success.  Please connect with a team member to begin the event planning process today.

Business Development


Paul Ayres
Director of Business Development (Chicago, Mid-West and West Coast)
P: 813.224.7847
Laura Frost
Associate, Business Development (Florida, Washington DC and Northeast)
P: 813.224.7849



Amanda Cowan
Manager, USF Downtown Meeting & Events
P: 813.224.7881
Lauren Danker
Conference & Events Coordinator/Digital Marketing Coordinator
P: 813.224.7875
Sandra Gaitan
Conference & Events Coordinator/International Program Planning
P: 813.224.7911
Rachel Magasanik
Conference & Events Coordinator
P: 813.224.7914
Juanita Medina
Conference & Events Coordinator/IPEP Programs Coordinator
P: 813.224.7874
Megan Owens
Conference & Events Coordinator
P: 813.224.7872